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David Foster Wallace On The Key To Living A Compassionate Life

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Summary. David Foster Wallace's extraordinary writing on tennis, collected for the first time in an exclusive digital-original edition. A "long-time rabid fan of tennis," and a regionally ranked tennis player in his youth, David Foster Wallace wrote about the game like no one else.

David Foster Wallace, author of the essay “Authority and American Usage*,” praises and advocates for “good” writers who have a strong rhetorical ability, which he defines as “the persuasive use of language to influence the thoughts and actions of an audience” (Wallace ).

But, in case you didn’t get around to picking up String Theory: David Foster Wallace on Tennis, posthumously published two years ago, with an introduction by John Jeremiah Sullivan, go for it. If you’re ever going to read about tennis, this is the time as the 50 th US Open continues.

“ David Foster Wallace left the essay form in a different state than it was in before he wrote. He wrote of Federer that he had 'exposed the limits, and possibilities, of' his sport. He wrote of Federer that he had 'exposed the limits, and possibilities, of' his sport.

Since his suicide in David Foster Wallace has been enjoying the afterlife of a literary star on the fast track to canonization. Last year saw the publication of a final, unfinished novel (The. This article identifies a troubling trend in David Foster Wallace studies.

Federer as Irreligious Experience

Many critics and scholars begin their analyses of Wallace’s fiction in the personal interviews and essays that Wallace left behind after his death, as opposed to the texts themselves.

The explanations of these works.

David foster wallace us open essay
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