How is baseball america s favorite pastime

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History Of Baseball

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Origins of baseball

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Baseball is America's pastime. Venice Indians Baseball strives to make a positive impact on the field and off. When you play the game, winning can happen at any time.

Jan 08,  · Only 1% of those polled by Gallup aged 55 or over named soccer as their favorite. But among adults agedsoccer was the favorite sport of. baseball books, baseball movies, baseball dvds, baseball cards, baseball art, baseball fiction.

The keyword in "America's pastime" is "past." Baseball's slow trod was meant for another era, an era that demanded less physical talent. Today's athletes are bigger, stronger and faster. People say that football is American’s favorite pastime because in football you can hit someone but really baseball is the number one favorite pastime.

One of the greatest moments is hitting a home run because it makes you feel so good to do. History Of Baseball. Baseball in the US.

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