Zara postponement strategy essay

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Zara Postponement Strategy Essay

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Zara’s supply chain: Case Study Essay Sample

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Zara Case Report Essay

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Zara Postponement Strategy Words | 7 Pages The case of Zara – The Postponement strategy I) Introduction In order to compete in the world of rising globalization and shortening of product life cycle nowadays, firms have to deal with the demand for increasing product.

Zara Summary Essay

The case of Zara – The Postponement strategy I) Introduction In order to compete in the world of rising globalization and shortening of product life cycle nowadays, firms have to deal with the demand for increasing product variety to meet the diverse needs of customers.

A Zara supply chain strategy was the key term of my research and was an important part of my theoretical focus on supply chain strategy. Postponement strategy can considerably reduce inaccurate forecast risk and do a responsive supply chain strategy.

Zara has accomplished the benefits of agile and flexible supply chains for its innovative. Zara’s supply chain: Case Study Essay Sample. companies use postponement in the aid of reduce stock.

Postponement is the fact of delaying customization of a product until the last possible moment (Zinn and Bowersox, ). With this strategy Zara is efficient and obtain products at a low price.

20% of the production is located in Asia. Figure 3: Postponement process flow (Chaudhry, ) Applying the matrix into Zara, the company uses the full postponement strategy, where the manufacturing and logistics operations are initiated after the knowledge on customer demand.

Zara’s product development capabilities are essential to Zara’s business strategy and future success. Strategic Partnerships and Cost of Production In comparison to competitors, Zara’s business strategy, in regards to strategic partnerships and cost of production, provide for a strategic competitive advantage.

Zara postponement strategy essay
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